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This website offers its user the ability to test and troubleshoot dead pixels on smartphones, tablets, and other devices: LCD, OLED, Plasma, and TFT. Click down below to begin the dead pixel test.

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If you’re not sure whether you have a dead pixel or not, fear not! This site has all the information necessary to help you test and troubleshoot your screen (and without downloading anything!).

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Dead Pixel Test - Info

Online Dead Pixel Test

This Dead Pixel Test is a portable application designed to help you find screen dead pixels, stuck pixels.

If you’ve just purchased a new display, you should be aware that it is not unusual for 1 or 2 dead (or stuck) pixels to be present, although some manufacturers do not consider this a defect.

So it’s important to test your screens’ quality before purchasing them.

This Dead Pixel Test comes in handy because it helps you detect these defects and troubleshoot them in no time.

What Are Dead Pixels?

Dead pixels are defects of display screens and they look like small dots or spots on the screen. There are three different types of dead pixels: they can be present in different colors such as white, red, blue, green, and black pixels. 

They are usually caused by faulty transistors in the display matrix. Meanwhile, you can fix them most of the time with this dead and stuck pixel fix tool.

How to Use This Dead Pixel Test?

This dead pixel checker is a simple and free way to check dead pixels from the display screen.

First of all, log in to our exciting website so you can get started with this dead pixel test.

Secondly, tap on the test button to begin the test.

In the third and final step, you can finally identify the dead pixels on your screen. with multiple backgrounds available including white, black, green, blue, and red.

Features Of This Dead Pixel Test

This dead pixel test is useful for mobile devices such as iPhones, and Androids of different well-renowned companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Lava.

Moreover, you guys can use this web application on PDAs such as Android Tablets, and IPads.

Meanwhile, this tool is also useful for Desktop devices such as Macbooks, and Laptops.

In addition, this tool also comes in handy while testing display screens such as Monitor, LCD, PC, 4k smart tv,


What is a stuck pixel? 

Stuck pixels are single pixels or clusters of pixels on an LCD that remain lit when they should be displaying black, or unlit when they should be displaying white.

What causes the tv screen not to display?

Typically, your TV screen won’t display because: there is a loose or defective connection between the TV and whatever device you’re using to display the signal (i.e. Xbox, Blu-ray/DVD player, cable/satellite box). It’s either the power supply or the inverter board. Moreover, it’s either a bad video board, bad backlight, or a bad LCD panel. 

How to find dead pixels online?

You guys can use this exciting dead pixel test tool that will indicate the malfunctioning pixels so you can easily troubleshoot the problem and later fix it via dead pixel fix.