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If you have any marks or spots on your device’s screen, use this Pure Blue Screen. It will show up any dead or broken pixels on your display and can help you identify the problem.

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The Blue Screen is a simple diagnostic tool that you guys can use to analyze various features of your display screen, including the color and backlight settings.

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Online Blue Screen Test

There’s nothing worse than looking down at your new mobile and seeing something on the screen that wasn’t there before. Phones get thrown around in purses and pockets, where they can suffer scratches, dings, and other damage. But if you’re just now noticing a mark or discoloration on your smartphone display, it’s difficult to know what caused it.

In the case of a new phone that’s still under warranty, you’ll want to return it as soon as possible. If it’s out of warranty, you may need to replace the screen yourself. It all comes down to how severe the damage is. 

Before you opt for a replacement, you can always check your display if it is defective using this blue screen test. Make sure you remove any screen protector before testing for broken pixels, as a damaged protector can create the illusion of a broken display screen.

The Blue Screen is also useful when shopping for a replacement monitor or TV. It’ll help you determine whether that new flat-panel display is worth its hefty price tag. The tool will also help you determine which display has the better overall color accuracy when comparing two models.

Blue Screen

Features of Blue Screen

You can use this tool to test whether the blue color on your screen is displaying correctly or not.

If you see any discoloration, it could indicate dead pixels or a damaged display.

This test checks to ensure that all LCD panel parts are lit up correctly and uniformly.

It runs in full-screen mode, so there is no chance of any distraction, and you can check each part of your display screen.

By using this tool, you can check the display quality of your device and determine whether it needs a replacement.

It is free to use, so you don’t have to pay anything for using this tool.


How dropping a device affects the display?

If your device has recently been dropped or exposed to moisture, the cable that connects to your logic board may have come loose or been damaged. If this is the case, your device may not be able to recognize its internal display correctly. You will need to open up your device and check for any obvious damage to see if this is a possibility in your situation.

How to clean my display screen?

You can clean the screen with an alcohol-based cleaner. You can also use the microfiber cloth for the same purpose, but a normal piece of cloth can do the job as well.