Pure Black Screen

A pure black screen is useful for more than just testing your monitor. You can also use it to identify malfunctioning pixels on your display screen.

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If you’re looking for a simple way to test your display screen, the most effective tool is this one. This isn’t a regular test screen; this is actually a specially formatted tool that forces your monitor to display a pure black screen.

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Online Black Screen Test

Normally, your computer or mobile device uses a color profile (or look-up table) to map color values from an application or image to the actual display.

This allows your device to produce a wider range of colors than it could otherwise, and this is also what makes matching colors between devices so difficult.

However, when you use this tool, your device skips its color profile entirely and instead displays the raw RGB values it receives from this tool.

This produces an accurate representation of black on your screen. It’s just like using an all-black paintbrush with no “color” applied — your screen renders whatever color is underneath it — which is often different depending on where you are on the screen.

Black Screen

Features of Black Screen

This black screen test is designed to check your screen for any dead pixels, scratches, or backlight bleeding.

Most importantly, this is a free online tool. So anyone can use it without any hassle.

Moreover, it is quite simple to use. All you need to do is click the button, and your screen will turn black.

In addition, you may use this exciting tool to test monitors, projectors, and other display devices for malfunctioning pixels.

Meanwhile, you can use this tool to identify how your monitor or display screen handles blacks.

Lastly, when you’re not testing your monitor, you can use it as a normal screen saver, which looks great during idle times.


How to fix the color adjustment of my display screen?

Fortunately, many monitors have an “Auto” or “Reset” button, which will attempt to automatically adjust these settings for you or reset them to default settings. Otherwise, you can try adjusting the RGB color setting of your display screen. Feel free to play with them until you achieve your goal.

What makes pure black screen useful?

Besides testing your display for malfunctioning pixels, a pure black display screen is useful for testing how well your monitor can display deeper blacks and dark tones. You may not be familiar, but how your screen displays or handles black is critical while watching movies and looking at photographs.