Pure Green Screen

If you have a device with a faulty display, you can check for defective pixels by using this pure green screen. Plus, a green screen is just plain cool to look at. If you want to see your screen in all its glory, this test is the way to go.

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This online tool helps you see whether your display is working properly. If not, are there any dead or stuck pixels so you can easily identify them?

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Online Green Screen Test

While you can also use a static full-screen image of a green background, it may not be as effective if you are using your phone or tablet to check for dead pixels.

This is because most mobile devices come with some automatic brightness adjustment feature that will automatically adjust the brightness and contrast level of the screen. This depends on what’s displayed on the screen.

This makes it hard to spot dead pixels and other visual defects in your display, regardless of how much you squint.

The Pure Green Screen web application solves this problem by providing a full-screen green screen so that you can easily track down the malfunctioning pixels.

Green Screen

Features of Green Screen

This web application is straightforward and easy to use.

This online tool will help you locate any dead or stuck pixels on your display as it consists of a uniform green color.

It works on all display screens, including LCD, LED, and OLEDs.

It can be used as a background for chroma keying in video production on a smaller scale. It is also ideal for any other use that requires a pure green background.


What are the benefits of using a green screen in post-production?

Using the green screen, you can create any kind of video you want, even a 3D video. It is a significant advantage that you can easily edit your videos with the green screen. Using a green screen increases your image quality significantly as you can get much better results in post-processing than by just recording on a regular monitor. You can also change the background lighting and add special effects to make it look more realistic.

Is pure green screen worth using?

Several reasons make it useful. Firstly, it keeps the background looking clean and bright. This lets you be creative with your lighting and backgrounds. Secondly, you can create a cool effect by placing your subject at the edge of the screen then tilting the camera up or down as you move it around. Third, you can experiment with light and color more easily. The possibilities are endless. Lastly, you can use it to identify malfunctioning pixels on your display.