Dead & Stuck Pixel Fix

Welcome to this dead and stuck pixel fix. The goal of this tool is to fix the stuck pixels on your display screen so it can go back to functioning normally.

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LCDs are prone to stuck pixels, typically caused by manufacturing defects or dead transistors. This online tool attempts to fix the stuck pixel by resetting it with a flashing color sequence.

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Dead & Stuck Pixel Fix - Info

Dead & Stuck Pixels Online Fix

Stuck Pixels are most commonly found on LCD screens, especially those used in portable devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones (iPhone), and tablets (iPad). Likewise, stuck pixels can also appear on plasma and OLED displays.

It is very frustrating when you have a stuck pixel on your screen. Meanwhile, green or red are the most common stuck pixels, whereas blue and white pixels can also occur.

In most cases, stuck pixels are a hardware issue, so there isn’t much you can do to fix them. Nevertheless, you may be able to recover a stuck pixel using our stuck pixel fix.

Though it is almost impossible to fix dead pixels, we may be able to fix stuck pixels. After running the dead and stuck pixel fixer for about 10 minutes, you will notice a noticeable difference in your stuck pixels.

Difference Between Dead and Stuck Pixels?

A dead pixel exhibits no color. Instead of showing whatever color it should, a dead pixel is black. When a pixel is dead, it ceases to function due to a malfunction.

As opposed to dead pixels, stuck pixels can still display color but have become “stuck” on a particular color (usually green or red). A common cause is a pressure on the display or moisture inside the display screen, causing specific pixels to become stuck in an “on” position instead of their normal off state.

Features of Dead & Stuck Pixel Fix

Firstly, this tool works on all displays, including monitors, TVs, tablets, and LED, OLED, and AMOLED displays.

Additionally, it is compatible with any device, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Moreover, the tool will display different colors continuously on your screen until you stop it. Meanwhile, you can grab the fixer and position it over the area on your screen that needs fixing.

In addition, you do not have to download anything to fix dead pixels. All you need is an Internet connection and this tool.

How to Fix the Stuck Pixels?

There are three methods you can use to try to fix your screen. The first method is a color cycling method, the second is a flashing method, and the third is a vibration method. Choose any one or all of them.

You can use this online tool for the first two methods, but you will need to shake your phone manually for the vibration method. It might fix the stuck pixels for you this way but make sure you shake your phone gently.


Are dead pixels permanent?

Yes, in a nutshell. There are no software solutions to fix dead pixels, but you may have stuck pixels in the first place instead of dead pixels. Check if the dead and stuck pixel fix resolves your issue.

Are stuck pixels fixable?

It is possible to fix a stuck pixel, and there are several ways to do so. The simplest way to resolve the problem is to repeatedly turn off and on the stuck pixel, using an online stuck pixel fix tool. You can even massage the stuck pixels out the old-fashioned way.

How to fix dead pixels? Is there any trick?

To fix a dead pixel, you can try one method where you need to apply pressure to the pixel with your finger. You can also use a cotton swab for more precision.